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zero and ovegrown

Many people were brave the epic winds this weekend and went riding, as for me I didn’t see bicycle since getting back home from work on Friday. Megan graduated so we had a lot of celebrating to do drinking some merry monks eating good food and just relaxing with both of our families.   All and all it was great weekend and now Megan is done with school for while.

I went to L&C last night to check it out before next week’s race. The place is really overgrown it will take some some branch trimming to make it presentable. I have no idea how the course was run but the close sings are on the old downhill  section, but you do what you want (wink)  Besides that you can tell not that many people have been there in while which is shame  that is nice place to ride.  The weather is not super muggy yet so riding was perfect.   I signed up for PCL GLGA i guess I will have to start riding my cross bike a bit more. hopefully I will be somewhat active in Peru in july.

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