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you want me to do what?

So it’s not that much of secret or maybe it is .. Mark  has told me what to do… for some time now ( okay so really riding my training plans). When I looked at May 11th I was like oh sweet Race Platte, I failed to see the and then ride for 5-6 hours afterword… That’s a long day  in saddle.   So Friday I dropped my stuff at Ryan and Roxy’s and went to bed somewhat early.  I got up super early  did the MIKO the dog thing and was out the door at 7:15 am. I figured it takes usually less than 2 hours on cx bike to ride to Platte so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Get there take off some morning clothes. Mix my Skratch Lab  stuff and maybe ride the first climb a bit.


The start is le mans style it was kind of fast. I didn’t have problems finding my bike and somehow ended it up being first one on to the climb. I didn’t really want that place but my slowing down a bit didn’t really invite anyone coming around… Okay. I guess I will  lead in to single track.  After about 1/2 lap  we had 4 person gap with me still leading with Gersib/Pinkleman and some skinny bloke from IA.  And then I his something and started to loose air.  Stopped  tried pumping it up, tubeless wasn’t sealing. I figured it would be faster to ride on almost flat tire to the bottom and change it at the transition area. Sure enough i had so little pressure in the tire I was rolling  the corners super badly.  Got to the transition area. Grabbed a tube… Change it and then i couldn’t get any air in  the tube. It’s been so long since I had that tube it just went bad.  Changed the tube again.  After this turn of the events it just turned to training ride. It took me some time to get going. But I knew my chances of doing anything are pretty much gone.  So for remaining 3 hours or so I just rode in circles and enjoyed the day. I opted out of going for 7th lap as I still had to ride home and the wind was pretty stiff.

Riding  home was not so much fun. It was pretty windy…At some point i really questioned the sense of this. It was either the wind or the This American Life episode i was listening to  was not cutting it. I stopped changed it to Pandora and rolled toward Pflug rd. I knew after that It would be mostly cross wind after that. It took a while but I got home in just under 3 hours and 3 miles short of 100 on MTB. That night MK got gyro platters from Greek Islands which is ate and promptly passed out.

I honestly think it doesn’t get any better than Platte for MTB racing around here.  Even though I always have horrible race results there I enjoy that place tremendously.  It was great to see and hang out with everyone. Congrats to Dale Pinkleman, Carly Thomsen and Mark on their state championships.  Job well done by all of you .


Syllamo’s revenge is next hopefully sans flats.

Picture is by one and only Matt Wills thanks buddy


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