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where were you 4 years ago?

So  last night after the ride , MRS. MOD asked me “where were you 4 years ago?” I can tell you where… not riding bikes that’s for sure.   Let just say I wasn’t a pinnacle of heath back then, I was a lot chubbier and not so healthy both  mentally and physically and things needed to change. So I would lurk at MOD‘s blog and then lurked at Skips and Cornbread’s blog and those dudes went on these epic adventures on bike. I wanted to be that dude.  So I started to ride, I rode to work then I started racing MTB then starter riding more and more and more. I met some great people, seen some amazing things while biking and experienced a range of emotions i still struggle to process.  It really changed my outlook on well… everything.

living da dream


There were other changes in my life, I had pretty solid partner in MK and she supported me through the transformation.  So it was only right that I stayed with her as she spun her little legs up Belvedere BLVD  gasping for air.   The hardest thing in Biking is actually riding slow with someone than riding fast.  So  with … where are you doing to be in 4 years?


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