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tubeless and psychopath

So last week I had epic tubeless failure, tire got messed i damm it.  Since  I like to tinker with stuff I figured no way will I be paying $20 for some sealant, i looked and looked and found this.  I got all the stuff needed some antifreeze, latex mold stuff, tire sealant and Windex and some glitter.  Good thing there is not a single store that sells all these things one might get strange look if this showed up at some checkout lane, what are you making…uhghgh… would probably be uttered.   Anywho… Mixed the stuff and got to work… Seating the bead on new tires resulted in failure, treks store to the rescue… MOD popped my tire so it was nice and proper… all good to go….  or so I though… Over the week the air was slowly disappearing from the tire…

Thursday come, TNR maybe if it is at Swanson… I look a the front wheel almost flat… i keep looking ah crap the stem nut is in backward, squeezing and moving the stem sure enough glittery goodness is sipping out….  5:10 pm. Though call to make I take the tire off start looking at the stem not seated. Everything cleaned and put together but some more juice and more glitter, my front wheel now looks like stripper.    Pump up the tire and wait for the pop …so far so good. Next 10 minutes were spend me flipping my wheel like it’s freaking pancake.   I look at the clock oh crap it’s 5:45pm.  Time to roll.  I get to Swanson around 6:10pm I see Roxy’s car and some other cars people are riding. time to get some dirt in. Two laps were in the course was perfect… Tire still hold air… nice

The first race is Saturday I have no idea how it will go but it will be fun.

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