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this american life


I must admit on of my guilty pleasures are NPR podcasts. This American life and Fresh Air are the two best shows running. In age of quick responses from talking heads and people who are always in hurry both of the shows try to bring the diffrent side of human experience, their shows make you ponder about many things, I would say they make you feel more human I would say.   Last night Megan and I went to check out the live This American life streammed to hundreds of theaters nation wide.   It was great experience the show was really good, Dan Savage piece was really greatly done. if you never heard about the show I would highly  recommend it to anyone.   The only bummer was me not winning sweet poster.

2 comments to this american life

  • I’m a big fan of educational and enlightening podcasts, interviews and radio shows, too. I used to be addicted to NPR but haven’t been listening much lately.

    So what was this theater show? Were they doing a live show simulcasting to theaters? Was it all audio, or was it a video experience, too?

    I just got done cleaning up our bikes to ride to the Earth Day festivities tomorrow, assuming it doesn’t get rained out.

    • Scott,
      The show was kind of streamed stand up routine they also had two short movies. I guess American life is also a t.v. series who knew. I would recommend that show to everyone along with fresh air

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