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these boots are made for walking ??

Saturday Mr. Marshall and I headed to LNK for some gravel with the D street crew.   We started a day at cultiva coffee.  Nice place good coffee, thanks for the cup Matt T.  We proceeded to go to Valparaiso and we road some of the roads of Gravel worlds.  Then we made the left hand turn to  MMR.  Surprisingly the east side of the road was ride able but all the western decent where a muddy mess.  It was pretty much game over as i saw my back wheel out the corner of my eye, instant clay stop.  Cornbread said something transiowa training. And we proceed to walk for couple of miles. as matter of fact my shoulder still hurts from carrying that bike. Here is picture of me grinning like an idiot. Picture stolen from corey


Rest of the ride was good, after the 20 minute cleaning of bikes shoe, and negative vibes all good at the end :D.  The pace picked up a little bit  with tail wind on way back and just like that we were back in Lincoln.   The mud incident probably shorted our ride by  20 miles but it was …. uh…. character building yeah that’s it.


There was no walking, just wind rotating pacelines and hills close to 70 miles of road miles in more than half of it into stiff headwind.  Good news  daylight saving is Sunday. we should get couple of longer rides with sun going down at 7 pm now.

Something new is coming just in time  for the long races of the spring.


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