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there and back again

Well not it’s not story from Bilbo Baggins. As some of you know Megan and I took our Summer vacations to Peru. In short it was great.   I read somewhere that people who travel overseas try to classify their travels as strangely unique where in reality their travels are pretty similar to all the other tourists in given country. So to say I traveled 3500 miles to have some kind of unique experience that is shared annually by thousands would be a farce to say the least. The uniqueness comes from your own mental notes on given region.  With that being said I will try to provide some of the highlights and experience we did experience.  This was first time out of the country for Megan so her perceptive on things might be a bit different than mine.

  • Inca Trail and Matchu Pitchu are awesome I recommend it to anyone to do it ( coincidentally it was my favorite part of the trip )
  • Peru Treks is pretty top notch company ( great guides, porters awesome cook we ate like kings for 4 days thanks for the tip James)
  • Spending night in Andes and looking at the starts is very awesome I’ve never seen that many start constellations ( full moon wasn’t bad either)
  • Man slow food and lack of fast food is awesome so is food without corn syrup and preservatives
    • Favorite food I had was chicaron from local street market
    • Eating food at farmers market (I mean real farmers market not north face jackets and 5$ coffee farmers market)
    • Ceviche in Lima
    • Chica Morada  is legit
  • Qeucha is pretty interesting language
  • Organized groups are not for Megan and I (Came to this conclusion after colca canyon)
  • 3 weeks in Peru is not enough ( this country is diverse  and beautiful I can see going back for seconds or/and thirds)
  • My rudimentary Spanish got us by ( learning more would be a bit more beneficial and would be good investment in future)
  • Brazilians are everywhere ( so are dutch and Belgians)
  • Coca leaves do help ( I hope no drug test in future :D)
  • Peru is pretty much cash only society (making change is pretty tough sometimes)
  • Peru reminded me of Poland everyone is hustling to make some $$$$ ( I have not problem with that )
  • The margin between haves and have-nots is wider and more visible than in U.S.
  • Beach resort vacations are not for me for sure (I don’t think it’s for Megan as well)
  • How does peru get live channel 5 tour feed ( I don’t know and I don’t speak french)
  • Riding down a mountain road on P.O.S. bike is not downhill MTBing it’s kind of waste of your money and time ( that’s just my opinion)

That’s all I have  for now.  In short if you like to be pampered and expect hot shower every day Peru is probably not place for you to experience.  If you like to see exotic micro climates in matters of hours like to see how other people live and don’t mind small sacrifices then Peru and actually who south America is bargain bin worth of adventures. I would say yes go and experience it yourself.

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