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The weekend update

Well this weekend was pretty slow for me, this is in large due to the fact I was sick with the flu, I didn’t ride this weekend nor did I run at all last week, I got 40 minutes in on the stationary bike last Monday, not good, but what are you going to do. Friday I was still on not feeling to good we just went to Sgt. Peffers. You just can’t get a bad meal there.

Saturday I had list of things to do, including fixing my washer which broke Friday night, the list might of been long and I didn’t get that much done since I was stuck reviewing my parents’ taxes. I did manage to fix my washer (it does make me feel good that I saved probably close to 100$ by doing it myself) I also finished my taxes, the Kona FS is getting closer. That night Megan and Iheaded for PS Collective b-day show. We did run into our friend Steph, who is apparently running marketing sale ring from her basement. It was pretty good show I must say…

Sunday I headed out to get some shopping done for my DAD, his b-day is today. I got him sweet Planet Earth DVD set. That afternoon Mike and I attended T.H.O.R. meeting, some big plans for this year, there will be couple of new trails coming up in 2008.

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