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the curve

So that was fun. First race of the cx season and a national event at that… Wow it was a lot of fun A lot of   learning opportunities and and lots of missed chances and learned many lessons.

Day 1

I lined up in 20 person single speed field. I knew that  both of the Raleigh guys were  the dudes to keep the eye on, I saw them Friday riding some smoking fast laps. Sure enough  I wouldn’t see the leader again.  I sat in behind 5-6 place guys and was waiting to make my move. lap 2-3 i seen an opening and came around the straightway to open the gap. Everyone else was running ubber low gear i figured 42-18 is the ticket with 1/3 of the course being super wide open.

So I waited and was looking at good spot to hit the burners, I did that and opened  a gap  and… some grandpa fell on my bike at the  barriers. I mean just got off his bike and fell over on to my bike. My handle bars were crooked for rest of the race, The gap was gone… I did my best and  try to close to the podium guys… I made contact but botched remount cost me some time and they rolled away from me 5th place… Not too bad

Day 2

It rained. I had not mud tires, I lined up in 4th row and was  ready to go and play in mud. First lap was kind of crazy. I managed a bit better and picked some positions.  At some point I overcooked the corner and hydrosailed with my bike sideways about 4-5 yards.  Lost many positions. I lost couple more on trying to climb out of some hills  with spinning out the back tire. Sprinted for  53rd place. Yes for 53rd place. I probably left 15 spots on the table. Gained a lot  experience…    Ft. collins will be better.

That’s awesome thing about these races,  Like Nate said you always can find someone to race….. I’m stocked and supper excited for OMA weekend and ft. Collins…

Spend rest of the day crewing for LNK/OMA crew…  Met a lot of nice people.  IT was busy day in the pits couple of bike changes.  Overall great time.

The war axe handled great in muddy conditions.  Quick and responsive bike, zero mud clearance issue. Shimano shifting was  spot on. With proper set of mud tires I might stay upright.

Thanks to MOD, NATE, Troy and KW for pointers and great travel companionship. Thanks to Joshua for pitting for me even though it was not needed.   I also met St. Louis Carl, I don’t think he ever had  cheese curds:D

Getting me some rubber boots for ft. Collins  just in case 😀


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