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the bad, the good the sunny

man man

Wow that was busy weekend… I think the older you get the less enjoyable your weekends become it’s just all busy work. Two shows this weekend one pretty bad and drawn out the other one snappy and just amazing… Friday night we met up Aimee and Lowell for Kimya Dawson and David Dondero what can I say the only band that really stood out was L’Orchidee D’Hawai. Dondero should stick to acoustic and Mrs. Dawson has a knack for rhyming two syllable words which is kind of cute but after a while it gets pretty predictible and annoying.. Saturday was another story all together Yeasayers and Man Man rocked the house, both are pretty angular and put on great live shows, Man Man is my favorite live band they never hold back on their performances. Simply awesome; their new albums sound great..

Sunday It was time to hit up Swanson for some trail work and riding. Met up bunch of thor people and put in good 3 hours of reroutes followed by another 2 hours riding my new ride… This full suspension rig might is awesome I’m still dialing in the suspension in to suite me better but overall getting a 29ers, which everyone seems to be sporting this year is the way to go for sure.

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