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sunsetYesterday was the warmest day of the week, time to go and ride I though.  T-bone and I dialed in this nice little loop from our neighborhood, no it’s nothing like arcade fire album…. well maybe a little bit.  Any who it’s pretty good loop south Omaha Bridge ride to Manawa take a lap there and use way of the secret shortcuts to get back to highway 92. It’s pretty good loop… Surprisingly enough Manawa was dry and ride able the storm must of spared Iowa… I might go back this weekend. On the way back I meet up with some fellow named Bruce, he was clad in ninja like biking outfit. Pretty nice guy he’s riding continental divide this summer, we talked about local area endurance races, I believe Bruce is going to TransIowa to volunteer… In short good day in saddle. I’m getting a bit nervous about the weather next week. I hope the race is not postponed until Sunday I will be in Tuscon, AZ that day.   At home Megan and i made home made pizza, old time classic sauteed mushrooms and onions with no sauce, good beer to wash down that delicious meal.

One side note  going to Manawa is Always rewarding you get to see the sunset/sunrise if you get there early enough for either one. i Have no idea how i took that picture..

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