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super confusion

Super Tuesday was marked at my house by watching primary coverage eating nachos and drinking beer. The witter strike has made both of the races pretty compelling and filled with drama something that can’t be edited in any lame reality show. After the dust has settled and the epic turnout for Democrats the only things certain are:

a) Obama will be here Thursday !!! how rad is that… of course I’m going

b) Nebraska will have chance to cast a meaning vote this Saturday

c) Obama’s strategy of winning smaller states and pulling even in delegates of urban centers seems to be working for his advantage ( this will only work if he pulls an upset in one of the states he isn’t projected to win, my guess would be Pennsylvania or Ohio as well going well in Texas

  • the questions are who will John Edwards endorse
  • who will Al Gore endorse

d) People in South love Mike Huckabee and Jesus. They might love Mike because Jesus told them too…

e) Funniest quote about any candidate was one about Mike H. (“he doesn’t believe in evolution, gravity or photosynthesis)
f) If you planning on voting Saturday checkout this site for your caucus place be there by 9 :30 am at the latest

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