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Spring is here

The las week has been quite busy.. I’ve been trying to balance, work, house work and getting some time one the new rig… After this week I’m a bit of an expert in small engine repairs, I just refuse to spend 100$ and wait 3 weeks to get a mower fixed. It would theoretically take less time for army of 12 years old Chinese kids to assemble the mower and ship it to my house. After 4 hours, cussing and good ole elbow grease I did finally tunned my mover to operational capacity…. Mowing one foot grass is another matter…

Yesterday I went out to Swanson for some laps met up with some goatheads for a lap… Holly crap is Swanson busy this year… I don’t know if its just the race coming out this weekend or we getting that many new riders but this is second week in the row where the parking lot was pretty full about 20-30 riders alltoghether. Impressive it’s awesome to see that many people on the trail…

Biking to work is still going to strong except for the time I have to run errands right afterwork to opposite end of town with some time restrictions. I get exactly 30 min to get to some places not enough time.

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