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Spooky CX

After attending Spooky Cx last year MK an I knew that we have to make our way back this year.  The only bummer was missing a pub crawl and unleashing MK awesome glue gun skills to use.  Maybe next year would be more gooder.

The venue is pretty sweet  and DM peps are super nice, free food after the race.  Quick result turnaround  and just over 90 minute drive from Omaha.  What’s not to like..

Day 1

Day one was marked with warm sun  and good amount of climbing.  The start of the race was pretty mellow.  Being in 3rd row wasn’t going to be be easy to catchup to the leaders. Luckily I was on the outside  of the start and I was able to work the boundary  and progressed to the front. By the time I got to the top of the long climb I was sitting 7th  wheel and by the time we hit the first down hill I was sitting pretty in 3rd.  By end of the lap  I was in 3 man break away with some roadie from DM and John Rokke.  The pace slowed down quite a bit and we just traded places up  front and building that gap.   Eventually the zoom guy and Rokke pulled away from me as I was running a  big hill and they opted to ride it. Looking back at it I probably should of rode it as well, but you don’t want to try something new if what you are doing is working okay…  With about  3 laps to go the zoom DM guy got a flat and I was left in second place. I kept the gap to John about the same until i dropped my chain on after one of the barriers.   That was the race… Dave Randleman finished 3rd.  All NE podium for cat 3 on day one. Before our race Shim, Randy and Ted got on a podium in the master race.


All NE Podium Day 1

WE spend the night eating ice cream and drinking beer.  We also watched emotional roller coaster that was Noah, watching the Wisconsin game…. they lost and sobbing kept going to late at night… ( just kidding)

Day 2

Second day was a lot cooler and winder. The course was bit more rugged and we were joined by Vaugh  Pierce.   Weirdly enough we were almost offered front row start  with all Omaha/Lincoln start line.  At the start it was familiar affair 4 of us Rokke, Vaughn, Dave and I got a bit of a gap.  A guy from Rassy finally bridge to us and Dave fell off the pace. I was having hard time staying with the Kaos guys and was marking the Rassy guy really well, until he got a mechanical. At that time we had 5 second gap to the front and about 10 seconds back to  rest of the chaser.   After the Rassy guy dropped off I kept the gaps consistent, until l botched remount and  was in matter of speaking riding for 3rd.  That’s how the race finished.


This was a pretty nice power climb. It could of used a barrier at the bottom of it.

This weekend, I shall try to race my SS bike in KS good bye  friendly confines of IA. Hello elbows, off camber turns and long power sections of KS cx racing… Ohh there is also this wed business at Seymour Smith… Hopefully we get nice turnout. TMCX boys put together a nice course for everyone to enjoy….


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