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It’s kind of slow going here, work is  busy Megan started work so it’s more or less back to the grind. This week I was watching The DNC in Denver, CO. Great speach last night by both Gore and Obama.   So yes some of my friends, James in particular. Will say that Obama is all hype blah blah blah…  We will see November 4th, 2008..

So who did McCain pick for his VP? Sarah freaking Palin? WTF? How can this get even stupider… How does running Alaska qualify you for anything… It’s the only state that has no budget issues, no people and no sun for several weeks. Pander to women much Karl, I mean John.  All this experience talk must be all talk… Would negotiing fishing zones count as foreign diplomacy epxperience?

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  • Sara

    I agree, it is a ridiculous choice for McCain, and just proves that he would be another Bush by allowing the “powers that be” to make decisions for him. His whole thing was that he values personal relationships so much, so why the hell did he pick someone he doesn’t know??? Obviously wasn’t his choice…and they really think Hillary supporters are just going to switch over to the GOP because she’s a woman? I can’t think of anything more insulting to women who want a QUALIFIED female candidate out there. Yeah, they are definitely digging their own grave…but the upside of all of this is that it gives Obama and Biden an even better shot!!!!!! Oh yeah, and GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!! 🙂

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