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salsa-off or something along those lines

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog maybe lack of epic ride or self-accomplishment has something to do with that fact but in reality is I have been super busy work/home jury duty it all adds up.   I guess I could write about cx training but that’s the point. Let me paraphrase old futbol saying, 22 man kick a ball for 90 minutes but in the end the Germany wins.  In our small local cx group it would say, bunch of dudes ride around in circles for 60 minutes but in the end Savery wins.   Instead let me focus on review write-up of Salsa event at Green Street the visual juxtapose that happened last Saturday needs to be chronicled.


Let me start off by saying I love beer and salsa since this event had both so what’s not to like. MK and I figured we would attend and try to “win” me a SS frame because it’s seems silly for me not to have such bike.   When we got to Green Street we were a bit taken back, I mean I know this shop is all-city dealer but it seemed to me like all the people (models) from the fine All-city catalog somehow appeared in NODO at this particular event, for moment I thought Kevin Bacon will slide on a fix gear and throw down a big bag of tortilla chips, alas I was let down (secretly) I don’t think I was the only one.

On to the actual salsa tasting/judging competition. The panel had the food critic from Omaha SBH, the salsa QBP sales rep and someone else …. While the judges were stuffing  their faces with salsa and scribbling their observations about each  dish we play trivia which consisted of questions about  salsa the food,  salsa the brand and Games of Thrones ( I guess the MC likes that show/books) Any who since I’m nerd and I read the books it was fine. Megan even won a Mumu (I mean XL t-shirt)

What followed was complete chaos. There are two explanations for what happened. Number one there was free beer and people got schlakered and got the munchies.  Second one, and this is a bit more farfetched  but plausible, is simple a  lot young Jewish people tried to break the Yom Kippur fast right in front of my eyes.   This could be all wrong for all I know; my knowledge of Judaism is via one Of Kevin G.  I let you decide which one is which.  All I know is there was a lot of people and not enough chips. The overall quality of the salsa was great, even with the joker whom tried to kill my gut with ghost pepper salsa.

All kidding aside it was pretty stellar event, well done Green street folks well done. Side note happy bday to Ryan and Roxy, those guys do a bit for MTB community in Nebraska and really they get bitched out more than they deserve and praised less than they should.

Trek CXC Cup is next  bring on Cyclocross season.


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