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racing and shrooming

So Saturday was my first race ever, I didn’t know what to expect  to be honest I would like to think I was ready for it. The day started off  early I we got the place early to get situation and all that jazz.. Registering getting ready yada yada yada. The field for Cat 3 was pretty good size 23 in open I think.   Getting to the starting line got some butterflies in my stomach.  The horn did go out the starting pace wasn’t as fast  as I though it would be I got to the single track  5th  or 4th  I think.  Things were going pretty well there was no gaps were formed it was just pretty clustered ( as matter of fact that’s how I would describe the first 1/2 lap)At the root of all evil I found that my rear mis-shifted I heard chain skipping off the cassette and my chain was off (then it never shifted right for rest of the race) I think 2 or 3 people got by me at that point I’m not sure.  I was on Chris Wolf’s wheel and at that point were trying to pass one of the Lincoln guys. We finally got passed him.   I wasn’t sure what place were in I think 7-8th.   I passed Chris  shortly.   At that point I was passed couple of other people and was doing pretty well considering. I actually though I was in 3rd place ( must of miscounted somewhere) I was on 3rd places wheel for some time I  had some problems shifting so each time I would close it was time to climb and my shifting would go all over the place.  I ended up 4th 10 seconds behind the third and 40 or so behind first… Not bad for first race I learned some things about passing and tempo and shifting  :D. The race was organized well. I spend rest of the day watching people climb root of all evil and talking to Frank the tank about trail work… Congrats to Mark and Bob they were at it for most of the day riding marathon 8 laps at swanson is no joke.

morelSunday I went to to look for some mushrooms, It was pretty good day i found about 30-40 or so.  Some rain would accually help future growth.  I posted something about mayor’s ride breakfast. I believe I’m going to get some time at Platte this week for the race saturday.  Overall it was good weekend I would say. This is the picture of one of the guys I have found Sunday….hmmm  tasty…

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