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pretty cold pretty violent

I must say No Country for Old Men is probably one of the most violent, yet one of the best modern western movies I have seen. The movie is based in Western Texas it’s gore and mayhem at its finest with backdrop of good acting by Tommy Lee Jones. While at the movies I have also seen previews for Charlie Wilson’s War, which a) look pretty stupid and rides on cheap humor b) is probably not appropriate for the time being with current situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan being direct result of U.S. intervention. Well you know what let make a movie about it, great idea…

It’s getting pretty cold out there if you running or riding  stay warm…

2 comments to pretty cold pretty violent

  • Finally, someone else that liked it. Lowell and I took my folks to see No Country and everyone else hated it. I think the main reasons were the excessive violence (my mom kept covering her eyes), and the lack of resolution at the end – that bothers a LOT of people. I liked it myself, however, it was not a “feel good” flick to watch on Thanksgiving…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlie Wilson’s War, but only for the belly dancer. 🙂 She was trained by one of my favorite instructor’s, Princess Farhana of Hollywood. 🙂

  • that might be but it’s still a bad idea to have that movie out

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