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portland trip

Ah Portland, OR it doesn’t matter how many times I have been there it’s always nice and fresh and find something new to experience there. This trip was quite fun we got to hang out with our hosts Ben and Jenny and some cool cats from all over the U.S. and Australia. I saw my brother and Brandon, high school friend. We aslo hooked up with Dirty Tom, who now sports a sweet stache and his cab driving lady type Harmony. It was my first CS experience, and let me tell you it was blast….Ben is super nice guy with inability to say no to travelers, his house is always fool of people which makes good athmosphere and good conversation. Ben told us about last Thursday, a monthly art festival in Alberta district. This was fun where were several bands some good some not so good, okay pretty bad. This is were I have discovered grenade shaped brown bottle full of delicious of malted goodness called session lager. We had short but passionate love affair with each other oh yeah.
We made a point going to the shore, as the locals call it, that would be the pacific ocean for us landlocked folks. I think were fascinated by sea lions and the fact Mosad has taken over the Goonies house. That night we went to pretty good veggie place to eat, even though they had fish? The farm was pretty good

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