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If you know me, you know I love pork.   I have all kind of useful and useless pork trivia and  I can talk about preserving meat by smoking and drying for  hours.   Weirdly only Joshua was willing to talk at length about the given subject.  Alas… I can tell you more  in person. Last evening i drove to Erstwhile Farm to pick up my organic “better” half  of pork. I was really impressed about their operation. All organic fed, free roaming hogs.  The owners were super nice and I stayed there for about an hour.   Talked at length about land management, organic farming and their plans to actually slaughter the pigs on site and save them the stress of being locked up in trailer to be driven away and popped by some commercial  hack and not a butcher.


After saying good byes I loaded my cooler and headed home.  Now  I have  whole pig head in my freeze, yes.. And I scored some extra lard for free.  Winter will be good.  It’s so sweet to  know where your food comes from. If you like to know more about:

So from the farm to you table. It’s awesome to support local farmer and pigs who  are not genetically modified and would probably died if you let them go outside… This is  reality of hog raising in U.S.