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It was nice to race locally and for shorter duration. Ponca State Park is my favorite  if the trails are dry you can carve some sweet lines. Alas  that was not the case this year.  During my pre ride lap it dumped and I got soaked. The trail was mess. Roxy pushed the start time to noon. The course w as still wet but not un ridable.   The  climbs were tractor pull and descent for first 2 laps were a test in patience and balance.   But after that the trail started to get dry and good.  As far as the race was concerned it was pretty boring. I rode with Jonathan Waitt for 2 laps then by myself for 4. Didn’t get passed by any one passed couple of Cat ones… Got 4th.   Realized that I will have to re-cable my bike after this.. 2nd time this year (supper wet races thus far). It was pretty good day everything was working well.. I was able to keep the HR pretty high for 3 hours so that’s good….  One more race to close out the Spring Campaign then it’s vacation followed by cx build ( both bikes and the body).



Picture Jeremy Cook

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