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people are funny

After getting some awesome sushi at sushi Japan we ended up not doing much of anything friday night. Saturday  it was Sarah’s birthday but before that happened I went and rode 40 miles with James, once again Ponca hills  provided a good ride… Funny how many people usually increase their creativity and come out with some excuses, i guess their zenith of their trainning would be a taco ride (well whatever)  The funniest part of the trip happened afterwords. James and I decided to go to Lisa’s radial well i guess it was full of people and the wait was way too long… They honestly need to work on getting coffee service like Tin Shed in Portland  maybe then I would stay. Anywho…. we roll down to  Panera’s on saddle-creek to get some food and coffee.. We pull up and I see nice Colnago all carboned out  pretty slick… I must admit I know nothing about road bikes or Colnago, it’s Italian so it’s probably more expensive than  U.S. bike… Well the guy who rode it walks up to me and is like “hey how goes it”. “Good” I reply… We shoot the breeze even before I can say anything he goes.. “yup i’m green today trying to better the planet biking around Omaha” Not to say I ride my bike everywhere but that’s not the point.  “That’s pretty cool” I acknowledge.. We part ways.  Fast forward 10 minutes, James and I are sitting outside eating food and talking… Captain Planet walks out of panera grabs his nice carbon bike and proceeds to load it up on to Chevy Avalanche only then I notice two more bikes on the back of the truck… The trio leaves in their “green vehicle” wow that was something…  I though it was funny but at the same time most of people living in dundee are pretty funny folks..

Rest of the day was spend moving and going to dancing recital, wow is that not fun… Ask me about it  sometime. Only thing I can say is you know how documentaries always have segment with someone playing acoustic guitar? I guess Dance recitals have segment where you have some white chick play the piano, drink wine/coffee whining about god knows what (In perspective she might think it’s important)  It was time to hit the hommy inn after that for some IPA and good times…

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