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papa has brand new deck

sl220While cleaning/cooking or doing other manly things around the house couple of weeks I decided to play some sweet talking heads: 77  lp. Well that was short lived i put the record on and nothing happens. With direct drives there is not that much to check if the platter is not spinning. You can check the fuses and that’s pretty much  it without starting to bust of voltage meter (which i don’t have at home).   When I bought my first technics sl d2 like 15 years ago  it was not big deal to get a) needles b) parts  c) you could buy one since little hipsters were not buying them out like crazy… I guess 15 years is a good  millage for record player I believe i changed two needles in that time.

It was time to get something else, who knew that prices of turntables skyrocketed like those gold commercials on am radio. Not only that no one in Omaha was selling one on craigslist. Damm it eBay would have to suffice.   After two weeks i finally managed to get  my new record player. Technics sl 220 a bit of step back from the direct drive but allegedly it worked, minus missing belt.   No biggie you can get those for like 8$ online.  The box come looking like it has been through CIA interrogation, I’m surprised nothing broke. Belt installation was pretty easy 20 second job. Now to listening records… well not so fast. The stylus was all jacked up I could zero in the tone arm but any tracking force adjustment resulted in skidding.    I should of known that bastard had old stylus ( it took me 2 days to figure that out for sure).  Eventually I took my diamond stylus from the old record play and was able to set balance and tracking force in 5 minutes.    This was the reward. “Don’t Fade On Me” never sounded so good.

p.s. st. vincent at slowdown tonight 10$ she’s really good and easy on the eyes 😀

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