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on it’s way

After getting soaked at Ponca earlier this year Megan and I have made an executive decision to get tent that doesn’t leak why not we still have couple of camping weekends left this year.   Needless to say Big Agnes is on it’s way.  Thanks for the heads up on new road bikes Mod. I might have to wait until after interbike for new road machine. Tamiflu is working flu is subsiding somewhat who knows there might be some bacon on the horizon this weekend.

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  • skinny d

    i just got my msr hubba hubba yesterday. I like it a lot. it is a 2 person tent and weighs 4 pounds or less. it looks like you can get a footprint for your tent. i would recommend getting that. if you want to splurge, get yourself a gear loft too. they come in handy, especially when you have the tent packed full.

  • Let me know how you like the Big Agnes. I was looking at their “Flying Diamond” for our family of 4 if we start doing more Bike Camping.

    Speaking of which. I’m trying to find a weekend in the next month to camp at Lake Cunningham. Want to join us.

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