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Omaha cx weekend

Omaha cx weekend, is opening cross season for majority of the people we usually ride with.  I must say Velo Veloce and Randy stepped up their game. Designed a great course and did heck of job whole weekend.  Thank you for your hard work. It takes a lot of time and energy to organize an event.

Day 1

I was quite nervous entering the event. We had good turnout for our class.  I got to line a bit late and got second row at the start line. Not to bad. The start was pretty good. I was in decent position which was improved by 5 guys taking a super wide corner on first turn and letting Jeremy and I get up front.  This got strung out for bit and I was glad I was sitting 3 rd wheel when we got to the maze.  I was able to ride the maze cleanly and i hear a giant bottleneck in back. That’s how Jeremy and I got our gap.   We managed to open it for bit and were closing on Kevin Limpach until Jeremy pull off and I was tasked to bring him back myself.  Which was not happening. At some point guy from south dakota pulled ahead of mean and rode away, and then I notice Dave Randleman on my wheel.  We were riding together and for while he tried to put the move on me but I stock it and was able to get pass him on the open sections. It was setting up to be the sprint for 3rd place and that’s what it was. one second difference.  The ladies choose to put some fun in the maze. Pac-man Style … whacka whacka .whacka


Pacman Ladies

game over

Game over Pacman

Day 2

Right before the race My hub lockup on me. BR offered me his bike, I accepted it.  got to the line kind of last. Last row for the start.   Spend a lot of time bridging the gap and figuring out how to shift SRAM shifters. Let’s just say I’m not that good at it and a race is probably not the best place to learn this skill. I gave up on the front shifting and was just shifting the rear. I know this cost me quite a bit as people where gaping me on the opens with ease. During this race I cam close to being one with Jesus. On the maze downhill I carried too much speed and was in  serious border line nose wheelie/ground kissing mode.  I managed to stay upright and somehow muscled myself into 6th place. Not bad on a bike I never rode before. I would say while SRAM shifting was solid I missed  the index clicks of Shimano.

Super stocked for Dave Randleman after coming close to the podium last 2 race he finally got some $$$. After that it was time for heckling and beer drinking….


hmm beer.

Super stocked for Kevin Wilkins for finishing in the money both days. Also big props to Bryan Redemske and Jordan Ross. Both of them raced something else besides cross for first time. They rode well and took some beer handout like a seasoned pros. The CX craziness will continue at ft. Collins this weekend.

Picture Credits goes to Mike Dixon and Emily Hoesly

p.s. I super excited by everyone’s improvement this year. We might not as vibrant  as some other cities but there is a lot of people who invested a lot of time to put Omaha on CX map

4 comments to Omaha cx weekend

  • Rad Renner

    Dude, thanks for the shout out. I thought about coming around you on the flat before the finish on Sat., but decided you were too strong. So I hung it all on coming around you at the end, but you weren’t playin’ that. Did not know you were riding some “strange” on Sun., that sucks. I’m not sure if I can do SRAM either, not after all these years of STI. See you Wed. night at Van Dorn?

  • Randy

    Thanks for the kind words about the race. It was great to see you and Dave battle it out on Saturday, and that both of you had podium spots this weekend. Good luck in Ft. Collins next weekend.

  • brady

    Right on, bacon boy

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