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oh mother of virtual computing

I spend most of the day at work playing around with Virtual server 2005 R2. Specifically installing the new Ubuntu 7.10 release. For one reason or another cdrom will not mount. I’ve decided to try something different, since i know for a fact version 7.04 works on VS2005 i decided to install that version first. I followed several tutorials to fix video mode from 24 bit to 16bit and found out another bug with the virtual mouse not working. Two fixes addressed this issue:

1) easier and lamer one

2)and kernel patch.

Since I already had 7.10 alternate boot CD downloaded, I figured why not try an upgrade from my new 7.04 install to newer version. Keep you updated on the progress. There might be some surprises coming in near feature, something new and unusual, i will keep quite secret for now.

If you are not computer nerd like me, well at least take look at these sweet 19th century mustaches, you digg…….

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