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mr. bunny goes on vacations

bunny 2

This weekend was L&C race at probably one of the better courses in Omaha Metro. The field was cut down by different races, ceremonies and phobia of hills.  I was feeling pretty good pre riding the course will Bill Prann from Trek KC. I was ready to go… The start put me in 4th into the singletrack. Devon shot up first to the single track and then the crashes came. Going down neverest one dude flew off the course  and I was in 3rd, Taylor from cycle works let me by before the final downhill and I was 2nd.  Minute after that I saw green bike master jersey and I knew that Devon had to crash since he had at least 10 -15 second lead on everyone. I caught up with him and surely enough he told me he crashed on one of the hair pin turns.   We were putting good distance on everyone when he crashed again and I was in 1st. I started to pull ahead of the field and getting a bit of gap at some point I had probably 20 seconds on everyone and then the chain dropped… and then it dropped again and again I was now in 3rd with another dude on my wheel in 4th. I didn’t know how much energy he had left so  I decided to get up the neverest  as fast as I could i wasn’t going to catch the first two guys as i lost good 15-20 seconds with all the mechanical. That seemed to work I pulled  ahead for 3rd less than 30 seconds behind first two guys.   After the race I have noticed my back quick release wasn’t closed all the way… That explains the skipping and chain drops oooops. RF and Roxy put on great event as always many thanks for all the hard work you guys did to get this ready…

mr bunnyI forgot to mention I whacked my finger pretty good on Friday fixing things around my house my fingernail on my index is now 1/4 inch shorter and yellow :D.  That afternoon left fo Ledges SP for some camping. Megan did a little fixing on the finger ( all this CNA training shining through) mr bunny was born. He had short life as I kept on hitting that dam finger on various things. Now why would you drive up to middle of IOWA… My buddy James was going a triathlon. We decided to go and support him.  Ledges is a nice park for sure  we had lame camping spot but it was pretty good times. In morning we made it to Bluff Creek Tri. I never seen a triathlon live by lets just put it this way that’s a lot of work.  I’m pretty impressed with everyone trying it.  I just don’t think it’s that much fun.  James did well  just over 3 hours. We did go to Boone for some “authentic” Mexican Food. Which as I predicted was packed with iceberg lettuce 😀 it don’t get more authentic than that. Drive home was pretty nice  and relaxing.   Time to get some time on bike and maybe hit up Bacon Ride this Sunday at Platte.

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