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mothers day

So this weekend was mother’s order to celebrate I went and got some food to make awesome egg Benedict… It might make me a bad person but I love eggs only farm raised local eggs but they’re so good, especially the hollandaise sauce. My mom also scored pretty good book from amazon, which of course i read before i gave her the book. Afterwards we went to hunt morels which was fun, we found about 50 morels on Sunday.

Ironically I have a class in west Omaha this week, So I will not be riding to work at all this week. I’ve seen no less than 4 car accidents yesterday, the worst one included a guy taking on a tree next to V.A. Hospital; needless to say the car/driver combo lost… tree won .

I was thinking about getting a smaller portable camera to document my daily life it might happen pretty soon. Megan and I have decided to hit up Chicago for lollapalooza

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