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May weekend

After yesterday I realized that majority of the routes we have in Omaha are north south bound, or so it seems. Yesterday the wind was straight of the east. I mean super strong wind. I had the plans to ride the first 50 miles of the July Grand Fondo loop but I didn’t start riding until 2:30pm. The wind was just super strong and I really just didn’t feel like going into it.  Instead I chose steady diet of side wind. I tried to get to as many valleys in the loess hills as possible. The recon will have to wait.  I would say that I just don’t really like to ride bikes in the afternoon, any who I had 5 hour to ride so I did that. I was short of that stupid Starve challenge by 3 miles so I just rode the boulevards around my house.

Even though it was sunny the wind made it feel a lot colder than 75 degrees


deacon rd

deacon rd

Earlier in the day MIKO and I walked around LNK as MK ran the 1/2 marathon. It was pretty fun day. The only thing I didn’t like is the finish. Yeah I guess majority of the people get boner about finish at Memorial stadium, but that is stupid idea from crowd management idea. You can see people finish and then you only have 2 wait at 2 gates or everyone to come out. What cluster of people, not a fan, the old finish was way better I thought.  Anyways MK did her best and with busy grad school work she managed pretty good time.  MIKO got a lot of pets from people and some treats. Oh she also got a medal.


Miko done

I could write about how running is more friendly to beginners than cycling but I don’t think I would cover any ground breaking news there. That’s a fact, running is just more accessible. This is pretty good article from Ted King talking about pros and shmos riding together, but is a bit misleading.  You need to blow at least 1500$ in clothes, bikes etc. then you can show up to ride. The cost of equipment is just so much. I mean I remember when I bought my first adult MTB it was 2300$ for full suspension bike that is race worthy, today that’s not even a decent hard tail. Anyways its expansive that’s one of the reasons there aren’t that many junior kids racing. It’s a lot to ask of parent to drop that much money.

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  • We personally ride only a short ways now
    to save-their-souls: Jesus sez saving their
    souls is THE most important decision we
    have on this finite existence AND, thus,
    God’ll greatly reward U.S. to those who go
    aboveNbeyond our call2share.

    If you think about it, bro,
    and I dont care if you’re an atheist,
    only 2 realms after our lifelong demise
    and 1 of em aint too cool.

    God bless your indelible soul.
    Keep on biking…
    we’ll go for zillions of miles!!
    Cya Upstairs…

    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

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