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Manion CX

This weekend Noah and drove 3 hours to KC to race manion cx.   The race is a good one it’s on side of hill and it’s very challenging and technical in nature you are descending or climbing the whole time.   Briton puts on the event and it’s pretty good CX weekend.

Day 1

It was misting pretty much all the way there. We got to the venue just in time to watch end of the masters race.  People were picking up mud and grass left and right and it wasn’t getting any better. The mist and the rain continued. I decided to throw my limus tires on my disk brake bike and just ride that bike whole race. I should have changed my gearing to something lower but I forgot my Ebb tool so it was going to be 39×17 the whole race.    After pre riding the course I decided to lower my psi to mid-20. I bit of risk but it was getting pretty muddy.  At the start of the race people we just all over the place.  I quickly got ahead of majority of them by running all the off camber section and not even trying to ride them.  That worked out pretty good until Roger Williams passed me. Before the race he told me about the gear ratio he was running and I knew it would be a long shot to keep him off with my heavier gear.  When it rains like this you just don’t want to go slow and you want to keep your laps clean.  The combination of tire pressure and disk brakes allowed me to descent faster and I kept it upright the whole race. Finished 2nd and watched Noah race open. There was usually mess a plenty with no working power washer. Snapped derailleurs people running around with their bikes. Regular muddy mess.    I don’t mind ridding messy races I just mind cleaning up afterword.   Thanks to Terry a Julie Higgins cleaning was a breeze. Those guy have sweet setup for bikes in their Garage and Noah and I cleaned up.  Made dinner and watched Wisconsin Game. I promptly passed out at 945 pm.


If day one was cloudy and cold and damp, day two proved to be hot and sunny. Unlike Saturday Masters had the worst course of the day. IT was muddy and not so fast. But as the day went on the course was getting faster each heat.  I was a bit nervous by Joe Fox proclamation of him and Brian West racing SS race. Both of those dudes are pretty fast and Andrew Lyles is no joke so I was having nightmarish mental image of getting stuck in some sort of Cycle city sandwich. That was pretty much what happened I was 4th going to technical section but after Joe stacked it on one of the sections I was able to get by him and try to take some chances on downhill and technical section. That was working for while I had good gap. Needless to say I might have went out too hard.   Joe got me right before last lap. That was racing for the weekend.  Some things still need to be tightened up but overall better effort than last weekend.



Manion is pretty good venue. Pretty technical and if you riding SS it’s pretty hilly and though.  Free food and free beer and pretty good payout for 3s and open

Lawrence is next on the schedule next weekend. Will see what happens with October

Schedule getting a bit of mix up and government shutdown.


p.s. photos danny iskak and Rouge Lanter


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