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lets ride bike most of the day

Back in the spring when I was riding  all the solo miles getting ready for Dirty Kanza, I would also try to go to both Mills/Fremont county. Both of the counties span across Loess Hills and  have multiple tributaries of Missouri River. While ti’s no Southern MN/Northern Iowa the vista are great. I always liked to  think about sharing what I have found with other people. Finally i convinced enough people who have nothing to do whole day to join me. This would be the longest ride before GW and i really wanted to ride  sweet roads of Mills county.

I think phrases like epic and yonder get thrown out way to often. Usually they reference the same routes with the same people doing the same rides.  Sometimes it’s nice to ride  somewhere new  and not follow wheels. Sundays adventure took us on some roads people didn’t see and I was glad to show some of my friends sweet roads. All and all it was good time it reminded me of how I felt when I finished 2nd GLGA ride couple years ago. Sensory overload good times.

Rolling on the turn

Just rolling along

loess hills exposed

I don’t know at what point someone decides to make road that does only to their house. But I’m glad they did.

BKB chargin

Eric B charging with his BKB kit

bandit cross

Bandit Cross

There is story about this but it was group effort fuck-up  but we all survived and  enamored ourselves in instagram/gravel/yonder  glory.

secret World champion training

Secret World Champion training grounds…

Some of you asked me where are such sweet road. Well I’ll tell you they are outside for you to find them. Once you do you will be just as  amazed as we were…

Thanks for the ride Mark/Paul/LUCAS/ERIC. I’m trying to hatch a loess hill multiday trip in future…

See some of you at local races some of you at GW and some of you at DK50

p.s. come pictures were taken by Paul/Lucas

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