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Usually around 3:45 pm I  start checking out at work, time to tidy up everything up and tied up loose ends and call it good for the day.      Yesterday I just happened to be browsing Strava, then I started looking at various segments of of rides in Omaha.  It was really not a surprise to some (read many ) segments on the mutli-use trails with the KOM/QOM speeds  in high 20’s and low 30’s.   This really gets me the wrong way.  I love competing and i find strava to be pretty cool tool, (i but the chase for KOM on these segments is just stupid.  I would say it’s bad for the community it’s bad for  cyclist, it’s bad for people walking their dogs or pushing their strollers. It’s a bad deal all around it just leaves most of the people pissed off with a bit of an ego strumming for the few shallow people.  Here’s couple of things to ponder

You are sponsored/team rider

Do you really think the club/shop who sold you that jersey would be proud  of the fact you just dominated that flat segment. I’m glad that you sponsors logos are all over your kit; that’s great now public associates all your buddies with being really bunch of douche cyclists, keep justifying the stereotype.

I don’t race I just want to go fast

This is understandable as well. You not a racer  you have some time to blow off steam so you get on your bike and ride hard. Pretty cool yeah? Well you obviously found strava. Did you know there is segment explorer with good amounts of flat secluded road where you can just go as hard as you want. Try it … you will be glad you did.

Anyways, I made a goal for myself this year to flag  each segment of multi-use trail as hazardous if nothing else it will  not  show you your “progress” and maybe non-cyclist will look better upon you and I . Hopefully you join me. I don’t know about world being a better place but at least trails around Omaha will be

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