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Jingle Cross Rocks

Originally I was going to  do this whole racing thing all the way to Nationals, but man that’s another month or racing, training now being  home.   My reasons for calling it a season are 3 folds. One I needed a break, since October I spend many weekends on the road,  and I’m sorry this stuff get takes toll on your body,mind and your wallet. Second reason is  MK, she became a head coach for swimming I would like to go to some of her meets and see her toughing some kids up. Third reason was I like holidays and as much fun as CX is I like to enjoy my holidays and not trying to stay in shape for Nationals.


Friday I lined up  in back of the field, about row 6-7 and proceeded to donate my 32$ to ride for 45 minutes.  Big field make starting position very important. If you not in first 3 rows it’s pretty much just riding around with bunch of dudes. It was forgettable day. Everything that could of went wrong did I moved up 15 spots  at the end… Awesome… I know. Mark continued his redemption  tour or 2011, if you ever wronged him in the past he will challenge you to some sort of competition make you look like an idiot and think about what have you done to him…. So there, I guess what I’m saying is be nice to Mark. He will let you draft for a bit longer…


I knew I was going to rain  rest of the weekend.  The ground was all ready soft on Friday.  Knowing that I opted out for 40-18 and set of Limus  tires.   Sure enough it rained, sure enough it was muddy.  For one reason or another my sweet second row starting position got moved to 4th row? (Dudes who registered day of were in front of us, planning is over rated) That wasn’t cool oh well. that was even less cool was only 45 second gap to the 2/3 ladies. That resulted in less then desired riding. Having the back position with small  gap and mud equals craziness. I muddled my way through the field and was sitting 3rd when dude came out of nowhere and attacked with 2 laps to go. I was staying with those guys pretty well until the run up section. I slipped running up the mud and that was pretty much the race. I couldn’t maintain my footing lost about 20 seconds and was the race.   I realized that the gearing those guys were running was at lot smaller as they were spinning crazy mad cadence. Make a mental note and hammer down every straight away the next day.


looking fresh as Butchie said.

BTW if you ever in Iowa city and you like Indian food check  out this place good food for sure.


Sunday was  crappy, muddy and a lot colder.  I finally got second row start. This made all the difference in the world. After getting an okay start I high banked all the goobers who didn’t pre-ride the course and got stuck in the mud and I was in fourth place. Plan was stay smooth on the muddy bits, run up the muddy hill descent  like MTBer not a Roadie and hammer on each straight away to take advantage of my larger gear.  With one lap to go I had 2nd and 3rd in my sight. I caught the guy in 3rd on the decent and was just matching his moves. I pulled even in the spiral and go past him and was ready to lay my polish hammer down when I slipped on the last possible corner.  Foot down and everything. He got by me and I knew I would have to ogre the last 500 meters to get the 3rd. That’s what I did. Pass him with about 30 meters to go.  Got 3rd on the day.  As it turns out it was all Twin Six metal podium. I’ve got a picture somewhere to prove it.

I had awesome time. Ne crew did really well. Mark went 3 for 3.  Liz went 2 for 3 o. Matt had 2 podiums, and Noah rode himself into 7th place in the masters… Great job all..

So that is 2011. Thanks for all the sponsors cool people I met. Trek stores of Midwest, TWIN SIX, War-axe.  I will probably ride my separate man crush post thanking all the people for the past year.

What on docket for 2012? Sorry can’t spill it all but I need to get get my post card ready for this Friday.

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  • Rad Renner

    I think I’m done for the year, too. I just feel tired and like you said, this business ain’t cheap. Masala in Iowa City is awesome. Rich Anderson and I have gone there the last two years, last year with Sheclismo crew, this year with Noah & Emily.

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