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It’s been a while

All quiet on octane front.

Things have been busy in my little world. Biking kind of took a seat back after Dirty Kanza things got supper busy with work and I just not able to get the volume of riding I would like.  Last weekend it was supposed to prep for cheq 100 that quickly fizzled with blown up XTR der.   So instead of riding for 4.5 hours on bike I ended up with 40 minutes and that was that.  I feverishly build a new frame I had in the shop and decided to run the Whisky rigid on it.  Sometimes you got to do with what you have. That will have to do for now. I actually got one ride in on the new build just enough to shake out what is what.

I was supper stoked for getting a ride with the DM guys all solid dudes and it was great fun ride there minus the blow out on i-35  10 miles into the trip. This delayed out and we couldn’t preride when we got to Cable, WI.

This was my first time out that far north in Wisco, the racer meeting was pretty standard affair so a lot of familiar faces.   The morning came and it was time to line up Needless to say knowing my fitness cheq was going to have to be a training ride, I didn’t even try to line up toward the front I picked a spot in the middle and waited for the gun to go off.

Sometimes on the gravel climb my Garmin came loose not once but twice. I was forced to fix it and ended up getting to single-track pretty late. Oh well long race. After about 10-15 minutes I rolled up to Mike Johnson and we rode most of the technical section of the race together. He went upfront and I finally rode into the DM guys they were taking a break at some fire road. We rode together for a while until Rick took off and I knew we wouldn’t see him again.   Miles ticked off and we got to 00 section. At this point it was raining I’m pretty sure my shifting became a bit louder and my brake upfront was dragging really badly.   After about 3 miles of that I was forced to adjust my brake just so I can continue riding.  I was passed by quiet few people.  It was during that time the Garmin started cutting in and out as it was raining and obtaining satellite signal was not optimal. It was during that time I saw someone whom I didn’t not expect TIM EK who got lost we road in to the checkpoint together. I stuffed down bunch of food washed and lubed my chain. It was during that time I realized I should have brought extra pair of gloves. Riding rigid was okay for time being but with wet gloves and prunny hands things were getting pretty laborous. I rode the whole birke trail which was kind of surreal thing for me and pulled up to 00.   After little refuel it was time to roll.   I was feeling pretty good except my hands.  From that point on things  were fuzzy I was still hoping for 10 hour finish but it wasn’t meant to be riding rigid did me in I was making mistakes and riding my brakes way to much on anything resembling a loss of elevation.  Couple of breaks did the trick and the time slipped away. I bulled in to town around 6 ish I think.  Gave Rick a high five on strong ride and proceeded to mingle.


I must say thanks you Salsa Crew and Milltown cycles as well as CAMBA folks for great trails. Even with the issues it was beautiful day on the bike. I think if schedules line up I will be back there for sure.


Afterwords yes my seat bag broke and yes this is the best i could of done…

Thank you for great weekend to my Iowa travel companions, you guys are a blast.  I’m excited for almost 3 weeks at home before MK and go on our CO vacation.

Couple of other things Strach labs is the ticket no cramps on pretty humid day.

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