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indiana jones

lego jonesYes I did wait until midnight to go and see the new Indiana jones movie, yes the movie was pretty good. It had typical touch of the series with A-team amount of shooting and missing but that the point i suppose . Harrison Ford is still a pimp with a whip and his character is a good one…. There were several people dressed up as the famed fictional archaeologist some costumes were pretty good some not so much…. I can tell you one thing for sure ; the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be: 1) Indiana Jones, 2) Barrack Obama 3) John McCain and probably Jesus maybe Batman and whatever retarded character Will Ferrell will play. What I did realize last night while watching the movie is an absurd of clapping before/during/after movie. Cinema as far as i know is unidirectional medium you don’t clap when you something cool on the Discovery channel? do you ? Something to ponder of all the people paying homage to Mr.double s.

Rewind couple of hours earlier in the day I got not one but two flats on the way to work, both valve failures go figure…. On the upside I saw about 4 people commuting by bike yesterday as well.

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