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I’m back

So…. It’s been a while. Just haven’t had much of anything to say for a while but that will change.  While Brady, Fred and I guess Now BR are writing some blogs on Friday I won’t because that’s a lot reading for one day.  Plus you know their stories are of valor and termination or something like that I will not make such proclamations here. Plus it’s good to be different

It has been busy couple of months, I’ve been riding slightly less than last year but I think I’m finally coming around on form should be pretty good-by end of May. As an amateur athlete sometimes biking takes a seat back to you know working and family. Plus it’s not like I’ve been tearing it up, last year won some shwag but a lot of it was beer, pasta floor pump and gift certificates to bike shops.  Paying bills with this combo of  items will not work, I tried.  But with work and home stabilizing it’s time for operation domination as Jordan Ross would say.  By domination I mean my usual 3-4-5 finishes locally and most likely having some mechanical issue in middle of woods getting eaten by ticks. That’s my proclamation of sorts for rest of the season. I might even make video of me riding around the city or fixing a flat.

This weekend we went to KC with Paul, Lucas, Lindsay and Emily so see Arcade Fire. It’s been couple of years since we have seen them; they are big venue big show band;  quite a departure  like 10 years ago when they played at Sokol Underground. The trip as great the drive back sucked.

TransIowa was also this weekend as well, by all accounts it was brutal weather if the strong winds didn’t do you in,  the storm at 12:00 AM probably finished what the winds started. To the people who finished I say congrats, that was truly an epic performance.  The thing that surprises me about all these ultra-races is how quiet everyone is during the race.   I know you are out there but come on, if you rode on of those events with me you know I just blab about anything and everything, but that’s okay you can just stare at the nothing and not talk, just don’t get all bend out of shape when I start yapping about something stupid.

This weekend we are going to stinkin Lincoln for the LNK marathon. MK is going to run for 2 hours Miko and I will probably just stare at people … It should be good times.

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