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happy new year

It was pretty cold this morning -15 by some accounts -7 by others. The only cool thing about riding to work this morning is the epic sunrise. The river only does this when the temps are below 5F or when the dew point is supper low.

Oh let’s hope  2010 is not the year we make contact

5 comments to happy new year

  • My weather underground PWS (personal weather station) showed -17ºF at 7:30. I started my ride to work at 7:15 and finish it at 9:15.

    -17 puts me at a new record low for bike commuting. I did not see much of that sunrise through the frost on the inside of my goggles. I had to take them off and go without eye protection. Luckily, my breath kept my eyes pretty warm.

    That’s my first bike commute in almost 4 weeks :-(. Now if we can just dodge that next snow storm so the parks department can get the trails and sidewalks back in shape.

  • Nice picture of the sunrise. I got to work before the sun came up and left after it set. That’s a sure formula for the winter blues.

    -16F is now my new record low. It looks like we’ll all have an opportunity to set decreasingly lower and lower lows this week. Brr.

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