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Happy b-day to me

yogi Last weekend was way to crazy write down all the details of what happened, for one i was to busy; secondly I wasn’t near a computer this weekend. The following list will basically outline my weekend more in bulleted list form

  • I’m not good at guitar hero
  • I don’t know what me in 08 is (beside place to get bumper stickers)
  • The Song remains the same is quit possibly the best tribute band I have ever seen
    • Led Zeppelin is still prety cool
    • I have seen to tribute bands in span of 4 days ( the AC/DC tribute band sucked)
  • Celebration Roast is Delicious
  • Emperor Penguins are shorter than Megan; however two of them stack on top of each other are taller than me
  • Food is good so are pies ( I’m “huge” in Omaha)
  • Biking in Cold is fun (Thanks DAN and Ryan; Jenny did flake out)
  • “Control” is good movie about Joy Division
  • My birthday was pretty cool ( thanks Everyone who showed up; especially my parents and Megan)
  • I got a new Job at NPS
  • My brother still thinks  I eat meat…

That’s all folks…. I will update you on the new job and holiday season

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