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Happy b-day lego’s

legoOh LEGO how I used to play with them so much. Back in good old Poland you couldn’t get Lego at the stores you had to go to specified store called PEWEX/ Fortunately our Pewex store was right down the street from our apartment. It was pretty big deal to go there you could only buy things with an American Dollar. Oh those were the days everything looks so colorful, new shiny and mysterious… Getting some Jacobs coffee. I remember when I got my first lego set the little mid-evil castle. Cleverly I named them robin hood’s and the sheriffs. Good time for sure… Well today is Lego 50th year anniversary.

Just a reminder, big party at my house Saturday the most lucky superbowl ever 42nd, oh yeah. Pasta primavera veggies and chicken version for you meat eaters. See you there.

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