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Green insulation

x-masIt was James’ B-day Friday. Megan and I wore our sweet sweaters and headed down to Crescent Moon for some beers. I wasn’t felling all too hot so we left quite early. Saturday was pretty busy, once day i check what my R-value levels was in my attic and as I suspected it was at R-31. For those of you who don’t know what that number means it’s quite easy. R-value is the insulation property standard …well r-31 is not that sufficient you need at least r-38 or above. My dad and I got the fancy blower machine and 20 bags of green fiber insulation and went to town. that is stuff is pretty messy but i guess my house will be warmer. We will find out next couple of month when the bill will come in. My friend Leah was in Omaha to the way home to Grand Island, we went to Kona Grill to get some sushi and look at some scenery.

Sunday I decided it was time for some first tracks action at manawa, that is be the first one on the trail after it snows. Well i was successful in that aspects i didn’t realize that riding on 3 inches of snow plus 3 inches old crusty snow makes it for pretty SLOOOOOOOOOOW ride, it was pretty good times though. That night Megan and I went to the Polish Home for traditional wigilia dinner.

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