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Greeks win

lincolnLincoln, the capital city, is not one of my favorite places in the world. We will save the bashing of the city for some other time. The reason for the excursion to Lincoln was rooted in several months of training and insanity also known as the Lincoln Marathon, ever since last year when my brother ran the same course I decided to train and complete this race. The trip started off pretty well as I learned our hotel was right next to Dr. John’s sex boutique, without much of the thought I parked next to the “Love Unit” the ambulance in service of above mentioned doctor. The hotel was okay, I mean they all look the same after you close your eyes. The only thing on my mind was the tropical weather outside it seemed like monsoon season hit Nebraska. Water was everywhere, my car’s electric system got wet I wouldn’t see anything on the street the Valentino’s employees were worthless with their sense of directions. The race day was dark and rainy, what you would expect if you get up at 5:45 AM. Marathons and running events are pretty interesting place to people watch you have wide variety of people participating and watching the event. Everything from old retired marathon seasons to soccer moms and frat guys. I really don’t know where I fit in to this whole thing, it really doesn’t matter. This is not one of those uplifting stories about conquering something, running is, and dare I say pretty fun. After several hours of running one usually gets psychotic. The race was windy and rainy… then it progressed to just windy. I guess one can say its official; I finished the marathon and will be getting ready to run another one in the fall. Thanks to my parents, James and Jamie for showing up and supporting me, even though standing outside for 4 hours it pretty boring. Special thanks to, Megan, my special lady. Who supported me during this whole process, got up super early and drove me home after words.

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