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gravel and rain

I  don’t know what possessed me to do this but some time ago i did sign up for PCL Good life gravel Adventure tour end of august.   Maybe I read too many blogs about gravel maybe I just wanted to ride whole day on bike. Well there is no telling but if you are going to ride 135 miles on bike you probably should get some millage that way I won’t look like chump when it’s time to roll.  I looked and looked and finally found MOD’s old route for some gravel.  Off I went Saturday morning it was nice day a bit cold of June ,I believe low 50’s, Wabash is uneventful hit that all the way to silver city (small farmers market was located) from then I just started making my way across some gravel rollers southwest of town.  Things were going well until i realized that my phone just died and wouldn’t turn on, so much for route verification. The good thing about gravel is that you are really riding giant rectangular grid so if you get lost you just need to adjust, and add some more miles. In short it was perfect day for riding and I got good 60 plus miles in. My reward later that night would be Jim’s rib heaven rib sandwich. Megan and I are leaving for ponce camping trip this weekend and some racing,  last race before Peru.

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