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grand onion write up

So the trip to  the northern Arizona is now over another family vacation’s in the books for most part it was pretty good time. The itinerary for the trip was Sedona and Grand Canyon both pretty neat destinations. The trip was going to include a lot of hiking, some biking and beer drinking ( all these things got done with no problem what so ever)


Sedona is known for it’s Red rocks and it’s vorticies.  That it’s not known for is huge amounts of AED on the main street spaced about half block apart.  The vorticies also bring old men with incredibly well maintained flowy hair, and New Age shops… okay…  This would indicate two things a) it’s probably easy to find illicit pharmaceuticals anywhere in this city b) new age harp and xylophone cd’s are aplenty. Pawel and I grabbed some bikes at Absolute bikes and did about 3-4 hour ride around the city... The cool thing about Sedona is the trails are all around so all you have to do is just pick one and keep going… The trails where pretty sweet for most part we had to stop several time to get on right trail or to figure out if trail is ride able… Some of them were not. it was good times.   There was good amount of hiking involved in close proximity of the city limits.

Grand Canyon

We would spend 4 night at Williams, az about 40 miles from the Grand Canyon National Park.  Williams has railroad that goes all the way to park, my mom was very intrigued about the prospect of riding that dam thing.   Allegedly there is robbery of the train while it’s going to GCNP, in my opinion the robbery happens at the cashier’s window when you purchase your ticket. The canyon itself is quite impressive… Standing on top of the south rim you kind of loose perspective of the whole thing.. You actually have to hike it go get better understanding of the scale.

While my parents were getting “robbed” Pawel and i went hiking  on the famed bright angel trail . That trail is pretty freaking intense that should be good training for the Inca trail next May. The only negative i can think of is the number of mule shit on the trail… Besides that I would like to do rim to rim hike.  On the way back Pawel smoked me by like 25 minute….

Higlights of the trip

  • Stone  IPA plenty of it
  • Chess
  • Biking
  • Finding hupe Porcini mushrooom
  • Family time for sure

Coming back was pretty smooth for most part. The biggest complain i had was almost getting hit by car yesterday… it wuold be one lest biker opposed to on less car. Swanson is pretty good shape go and ride it before daylight savings steals all of our light…

Pictures are coming soon

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