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Fun and Games

Saturday I joined Eb and rest of the peps from pedal Omaha for some pedal action. The ride was awesome we had 10 people i believe, Bob and Munson Wrote about it i know Lucas took some great photos including some sweet ice riding at Manawa… Over all it was good times for sure.  Megan and I hit up some el Alamo for Mexican food that night.   Sunday we went to Megan’s sister house for some Superbowl party… game was okay commercials sucked, i could macgyvered better commercials after couple glasses of delirium… This morning (Tuesday) was really freaking cold on the way to work… I guess I got spoiled with the warm front.  At least it’s almost over…

Misc notes:

  • Mod has sweet ride coming up end of the month get your porn stache ready
  • The Peru trip is taking shape which means most likely no ragbrai this year
  • The camping trip is still on the April
  • If you like unhealthy breakfast for free head out to denny’s (people are so lame)

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