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Ft. collins

Let’s just say ft. Collins was pretty hard racing and resulted in sudden stop day 2…  But i’m getting ahead of myself. The whole trip was fun the MCC bus was hoot so was seeing Chris Wolff.

Day 1

Let’s just say that I kind of knew I might be over my polish breeches when everyone in the front row was rolling on tubulars and carbon rims. I was like crap one of those wheels is worth more than my bike put together.  But you got to do  your thing. I race and I did my best. This altitude thing is different  I had not  acceleration. Last lap the rain started coming down and i had my wheel slip couple of time. I should of picked off 2 more guys in front but it didn’t happen worst some dude wont the sprint for 19th… ahhhh!!!!! I spend rest of the day pitting for Mark/Matt and Jay and for Ray Smith riding the elite race….  It was cold rainy and crappy…

Day 2.

I had  decent start. Avoided a big crash at the first turn,  someone did hit my wheel out of true and i heard some crunching.    Lap 2 I  decided to inspect the a pole right off the flyover. Ran straight into it with my handlebars almost broke my collarbone and that was it for racing for me.


It almost looks like i know what i’m doing here. This hill was actually a lot tougher on ss speed. It was straight up form the double barriers.

After everyone got done racing we watched the elite man race which was really crazy and awesome.

Best part of the weekend was having MK with me. She is a super  fan she had blast… I will take it easy next two weeks and then continue on at spooky cross.  That’s it  from the rockies.


3 comments to Ft. collins

  • Stamper

    “over my polish breeches”
    What the hell does that mean? Nothing brings more amusement to my life than your bastardization of the English language. You are the Joseph Conrad of your generation

  • Rad Renner


    Nice race report, man. Don’t listen to Stamper, him talk pretty one day, too. Looking forward to racing against you soon. Are you gonna hit the Wed. action at Van Dorn this month? It’s super fun, 11th place never felt like such an accomplishment.

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