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frutti de mar

My big passion in life is cooking. If didn’t bike I would probably just cook and eat. Minus Indian, Thai and sushi I find myself being able to match most of the local eateries with food made at home. I wanted to learn how to make a pizza a learned to make dough at home.  Want a steak I’ll cook stake at home. Cooking is really not that difficult  find what goes together get ratio right adjust repeat. Baking on other hand is difficult,  it’s exact science where measurements, temperature and timing do mater.

Anyways we don’t go out for valentines, I cook at home. This year we got some wine and  i made steamed mussels with croutons and flourless chock late cake.  It was super easy and awesome … and MK liked it as well .vday

This weekend we are going to MN not for Frost bike but to hangout with the Stampers and their junior, Jasper.

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