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follow the black rabbit

First race back since coming back from 3 week off a bike. I really didn’t have high expectations, just get some miles in and call it good. While mentally you might think I will not do so well and you know this before the race watching it unfold in front of your eyes is quite different story all together.  It was pretty hot Sunday really hot. After hitting the single track fist and holding 183 hr average on first lap i decided to ease up quite a bit. That was probably good as second lap was just torture. I couldn’t get any speed up over heart rate of 175 I was all over the place on climbs and descents and  let bunch of people pass me. I just couldn’t get any power  to make up the losses. At some point I contemplated of stopping, puking and riding on (thank god that didn’t happen)  I started drinking extra water at feedzone and that help little bit. I rallied a little bit and pull in Will Wolff for about 1/2 lap before he rode away from me.   The new bike handled great my hesitant descents were more due to hot weather than riding a hardtail. After 2nd 95 degree race this year I have feeling that my body just doesn’t do well in oppressive heat.  I went through 11 bottles of water in 5 laps.   The temps for RIM look about 10-12 degrees cooler so that’s good. Thanks to my wife for being awesome pit lady… I’m really happy for will for riding his heart out I was hopping he would reel in andrew for podium. Considering he has been off bike for 8 weeks I would say he’s back in good way.


looking for someone to put me out of the misery photo Heather Wolff

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