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Florida write and commute

Well the florida vacation came and went. I’ve been kind of busy with work ever since I came back. Jacksonville beach is pretty nice place to visit, but probably not live. It takes 20-30 minutes to get anywhere and people have that annoying southern accent. The beach and ocean themselves are pretty sweet I must admit and it does get pretty crowded on the beaches even for march, the place must be really hoping during the summer. The cummer art museum was more or less a bust, it is an okay museum but nothing to write home about, the garden is quite small and it’s claim to fame is the 250 year old oak tree (which was pretty cool). One day we did manage to go to St. Augustine, FL. The city is pretty neat place to visit for day. The only negative was all the bikers going/coming from Bike week at the Daytona Beach. I never understood bikers people, I really don’t especially the Harley people, it’s a pretty comical idea of freedom if you ask me but that is another issue. While there we came upon reenactment of pirate raid of 1648. That was pretty cool thing to watch. Several men, about 40 or so, were shooting at each other for about 60-90 minutes they walked through old town to the cemetery. It was pretty neat experience to say the least. And it only happens once a year. The result of the raid was creation of Castillo de San Marcos. The trip was pretty good over all. Pictures are coming.

I set a goal for myself to start riding my bike to work starting in march. The rides started last week. I rode twice before getting some kind of food poising. Overall it takes about 23 minutes to get from my house to NPS building. It would be faster if it wasn’t for all the lights. Only one day so far was pretty bad, the one with 35 MPH winds.

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