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end of summer … kind of

So end of summer for me was usually marked by two events which are both pretty great.  For couple of years I’ve been doing Corporate Cyling Challenge and St. Stan’s festival all in one day…  So James, Tim and I decided to do the ride…the CCC as i call it is okay for most part… the start is always a cluster f&*k the ride through carter lake is pretty crazy and then it’s pretty fun.. Like always there was plenty of people at the start,  I saw eric b. and Patrick  from trek store… James saw some old dudes he knows…The funny part about the even is amount of people who drive their huge S.U.V. close to start/finish line and then proceed to dominate everyone on their awesome carbon frames… but more or less it’s pretty good time. James and I  cruised in to ft. Calhoun just in time to get a bagel and banana (what kind of evil person hides everything bagels) the way back was uneventful..

If you never been to the polish festival you should go, you get great polish food for pretty cheap, beer you listen to raunchy polka songs and you dance. I believe this will be 4 th year for Megan and I going (i’ve been hitting those up ever since our family moved here) This year her parents came and all had good time…

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