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end of summer

The labor day weekend started off with a bit of weirdness to say the least. Megan got convinced to see come out and see this exibit called. “What is the 99“.  Short awnser it’s non denomination christian propaganda  unleashed on kids/teens who’s english might or might not be a primary language. I understand that one of the pillars of evengelical church is getting “converts” but grabbing latino base might not be the best approach. I do believe mexico is 97 % Roman Catholic.  I also find some problems with the way some rooms were presented. For example a stoner would almost never hangout with someone smoking crack… but i do digress… On the positive note there were several security guard who would fit the bill as member of DOG’s bounty team.  Saturday I hit up ponca hills with James, since he’s the only one who would like to ride in the morning, other people have excuses ranging from it’s to early in morning to it’s to Saturday… whatever it might be it’s pretty weak.  

Saturday was bogey’s and his wife reception at Jenny’s house.. It was good time good food and keg of Fat Tire as well as the Husker Game.. I didn’t get any BOgasms but i did get a little of a buzz.. Good times for sure. Good work on  the reception Bogey and Mrs, Bogey  ( I think I can call his wife that now that they are married)

Sunday was pretty hot we hit up Platte for ride it was pretty good  a bit too sandy in some spots but  great riding.   We hit up some parties after making some homemade pizza dough and some pesto mozzeralla cooking. I think we might have to bust out that Pizza stone soon…  Parties were well there some guitar hero some johny walker some planning for next year  full of riding….   Summer is pretty much over as I had to bust out some long sleeve shirts for morning rides to work.

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